August 30, 2013

5 years walang nagbago

It was 5 years ago when they got reunited, my favorite band of all time.

Just recently, on the 10th of August, I got the chance to meet and greet the band. The experience was ecstatic, para kang nasa Alapaap. Not an exaggeration, but you see, I have become an OFW here in Singapore so everything was perfect timing. I wouldn’t have been able to watch it if I’m not. So God, I’m really thankful for the chance. Even my friends are grateful for me too!

Ticket is not so cheap and I had to buy for my best friend just so I could share the E-xperience with another. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But the crowd I’m in is not so good. They’ve been complaining about how loud people are (eh hello?! concert po kaya to) and doesn’t know the lyrics too well (aksaya sa pera). I should’ve chosen the standing ticket (ka-rubbing elbows ko pa sina Ramon Bautista. Haha). I dunno if it’s because they’ve adapted to the Singapore culture or… I cannot think of another reason. I was even called out by a bouncer for an unknown violation. Kung kasalanan maging wild, sige guilty na ako. But that doesn’t justify the need for that. Because of my endless shouting, singing, dancing, my energy died out for quite some time so I just concentrated on getting some pictures. When I put down the camera, everyone else around are staring at me while a bouncer shouts at me. I was like, “WHUT?! ANYARE?”

But then again, the most valuable E-xperience is the music. The band played around 30 songs, non-stop. People around me were already screaming, “pwedeng magpahinga.” They were so concerned about Ely’s health, that’s why.

It started with Walang Nagbago. 20 years ago, 5 years ago, and today, walang nagbago. Each one of them grabbed they’re instruments, played, and just like magic, everything fell into place. So relatable. 5 years ago, I was struggling to finish thesis but I still watched anyway. Now, I’m struggling in life as a whole but I still watched anyway. In fact, this is my only motivation during that time. I’ve been counting down to that date to survive. So to all musicians out there, i-push nyo yan. Di lang kayo gumagawa ng music pero nang-iinspire din kayo ng ibang tao para lang magpatuloy.

So moving on… (apologies. Because it’s eheads, so I can’t stop associating with my life).

Here’s the complete list:

1.       Walang Nagbago
2.       Maling Akala
3.       Back-to-me
4.       Sembreak
5.       Kaliwete
6.       Ligaya
7.       Wag Mo Nang Itanong
8.       Kailan
9.       Spoliarium
10.     Overdrive
11.     With a Smile
12.     Poorman’s Grave
13.     Wag Kang Matakot
14.     Julie Tearjerky
15.     Lightyears
16.     Harana
17.     Waiting for the bus
18.     Paru-parong Ningning
19.     Torpedo
20.     Minsan
21.     Superproxy
22.     Kamasupra
23.     Magasin
24.     Ang Huling El Bimbo

And people went on for minutes saying, “we want more.”
So wait, there’s more!

1.       Pare Ko
2.       Toyang
3.       Alapaap

Then, time to meet the band. I am so sleepy and tired as I spent the long weekend to enjoy. Swimming on Thursday, Trekking on Friday, then Concert Saturday. Surreal weekend. But posters are running out so the organizers are asking if we can just share. I didn’t care. I have planned this through weeks ago. I’M GOING TO GET THEIR SIGNATURES ON MY SHIRT! Okay flashback. I bought this shirt 4 years ago on the day of the final set, just after sir kiko died. I have already planned a month before to buy it on that day itself. Luckily, I got a piece. I believe this was the last stock. It was actually the display and I heard they did not reprint. I queued so long for this shirt at FMCC Broadway. So this shirt is very much loved. I changed at a gasoline station nearby which I remembered playing Trip to Jerusalem. Okay, back to regular programming. After the long queue, they’re signing on my shirt! It was a bit embarrassing since I had to sit on top of the table to let them sign. So I had this 5 second moment per each band member. My best friend said that Raims is snob. But he was smiling when he signed on my shirt because of the awkward position. I offered Buddy the pen to sign and he said he already have one, showing a black marker. Black on black. Ayos! So I said, “Uhm… Fabric pen.” Then he said, “Oh! Okay.” When it’s Ely’s turn, the crowd went on saying “Yiheeeeeeeeeeeee! Wag mo na yan lalabhan.” Wow very supportive crowd. Then, it’s Marcus’ turn. He said, “Oh sige hahabaan ko yung akin.” Then I thanked and give him a high five. True enough, his signature went on across the shirt and the other signatures.


Thinking about it, I was really blessed to be here in Singapore to witness such act and meet with the guys. I think this has inspired me to realize or be reminded of what I really want to do. So after 5 months as an OFW, on the Monday after the concert, I submitted a letter of Resignation. “Umuwi na tayo, hey, hey, hey. Umuwi na tayo dahil wala nang sense ang ating mundo.” I’m going back and I would really try my best to look for a job with much more sense. I’m good at being a media planner but the motivation is just that I’m good, it’s not what I want so there goes my 3-year experience down-the-drain. Bata pa naman ako. It’s not too late to go and chase my dream. Wish me luck.

BTW, nilabhan ko yung shirt. Nabura yung pirma >____<
Oh well. Papaulit ko na lang... 5 years na lang naman ulit na mabilis, please?

Thanks Ms.Day, DVent, BPP for bringing them to us. "Thank you and Good night!"
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June 11, 2013

Look who's coming to town!

Just as when I thought that my rocker days are over... surprise, surprise! Eheads is coming to town.

So this was the reason for bringing my bulky camera. I haven't taken photos yet with it since I arrived here a month and a half ago. I think it reserved itself for this special ocassion.

As my OFW chapter started, I haven't gotten the chance to connect to the rocker world. And this happening is just so surreal. But well, honestly, I thought about it last time. When the eheads had the north american tour, I wished for a Singapore tour as well though I haven't been accepted here yet. It's just this gut feeling that our paths should/will cross soon. So... well... surreal... cos every time I think about something Ely-related it just comes true! Reunion concert,  part 2 reunion concert, Solo concert repeat, Solo acoustic concert, and now the Singapore tour. How can that happen? It seems like an angel arranges for things to make my happiness happen. So what's next? I wish for a new collab album from the four of them or just a revival/remix or something. Please, please, please. Thank you. =D

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April 13, 2013

Sa Wakas: A New Pinoy Rock Musical

Not your ordinary love story. As Topper would have put it, it's not the typical "boy meets girl, falls in love, mag-aaway tapos magbabati." It has a happy ending though if taken literally. Basically, the plot can be explained as an extended version of Kwarto's music video.

Given that I've come from the Sugarfree age (yung saktong magpoprom ka nung nirelease yung kanta), I'd naturally recommend the people to watch this musical dahil relate na relate. But almost a decade has passed since then and the feeling hasn't changed. The play has dealt with real-life issues the same way the songs did.

But if you're like me, indifferent with the emo factor that comes with the love, that's okay. The cast have taken care of it for the mood lightens as the story progresses.

Thumbs up to the cast and the musicians. They should have stepped out of the room so we could have commended them. Loved the Unang Araw and Kandila mash-up and Ikaw pala duet. Awww... The songs are very nostalgic. I would love to have the same concept for Eheads. I think the fans have been pushing this for years. Anyway, salute to Apr 13-3pm Topper, Gabbi and especially Lexi for being able to deliver seamlessly. I envy your voices.

Now, go watch!
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March 07, 2013

4 years ago: The Final Set

I remembered I flooded my friends' Multiply accounts with Eraserheads updates during that time. I'm turning 25 this year and I'm pretty sure I'm part of the 90s generation so I don't know why I'm the only one enthusiastic of the idea of THE FOUR playing together.

In high school, kept on hearing lines inside my head while commuting like "Bahay namin, maliit lamang" and "Basketball sa banyo", not knowing that all are from the Eraserheads. They just popped out unconsciously since I've heard them playing when I'm just 6 years of age. And then came Google and I found out that all were from Eraserheads. I just got addicted immediately and they were never removed from my playlists since then. Their songs truly reflect a normal Pinoy 90s kid love and life.

I don't know why I'm really convinced that the band will surely be reunited. It's not a wishful thinking, but I really do believe. I can't express the feeling. But you see, I'm also a fan of the original Rivermaya but I can't see them in anyway reunited as Rivermaya. Maybe it's because I kept on playing the Eheads songs and I find hints, "pero kung sakaling mapadaan baka ikaw ay aking tawagan dahil minsan tayo ay naging tunay na magkaibigan", "but baby, you can bet your pwet, I'll do it again sometime for the money, combo on the run".

So the rumors came. I even signed up for Marlboro even if I don't smoke. I'm glued everyday to the Circus, Pupil, Sandwich mailing lists. I went to buy tickets on the first day of their release, 10am sharp as the malls opened. And though the timing is crucial then, I haven't been sleeping because of thesis, I would never trade the E-xperience for the world.

WARNING: This post was made 4 years ago, immediately after the concert. Say hello to the college me. Pardon her for the excitement. This really captured my feelings then.


slept at 4 woke up at 10. thesis til 3 while watching EB's tribute to Francis. umiyak na naman ako nang gripo at kahit sa jeep lumuluha ako. ganun ako ka-affected. i reached gilmore by 5 and bought my ultraelectromagnetic cool proxy shirt from FMCC broadway centrum. grabe ang daming tao! nagpalit ako sa gasoline station at ako na talaga si superproxy. bumili ng maiinom at narinig ang trip to jerusalem at alapaap na pineplay dun. akyat na akong tren at damang-dama ko ang pagsuot ng proxy shirt. nagtitinginan ang mga tao. sana nakatulong akong maiadvertise ang FMCC. pagdating ko sa edsa, yung mga orange na sasakyan papuntang MOA ay napunong parang may fieldtrip sa pagawaan ng lapis. andami agad tao. alam na kung san sila pupunta. people kept on pointing at my shirt and some would even call me proxy (di ata maganda yun. haha). nung pauwi na tinawag pa akong magalona. pagdating sa mcdo, tinuturo na naman shirt ko kahit yung mga naka-artbar shirts na-astigan ata sa proxy. love ko talaga tong shirt kong to. dun sa mcdo, ang daming tao! pinatugtog dun yung reunion cd. grabe nakakapagpa-adrenalin rush na naririnig ko yung countdown at yung unang beat ng drums ng alapaap.

the concert started with the annoying vjs of mtv. sorry but i was really annoyed. yung advertisements nga ng smart and mtv na paulit-ulit, nasusuka na ako. tapos uulitin pa nila nang binabasa ang lahat! 5-7 minutes silang dumakdak. anne wore her 3 million priced headband by the way. tapos, sa wakas, natapos din sila, nagstart sa video clip ng past interviews ng band. what caught my attention is the interview with KC montero. he asked if the band is breaking up. the interview, i think, was done during the carbonstereoxide era and for those who do not know, the band was experiencing their most difficult time by then. sabi ng bawat isa, "no, we're making up." -_-

kakaiba yung countdown. it started from z to e. kulet di ba?

eto na yung line-up ng songs

"Live! The Final Set"
March 7, 2009 Saturday
Mall of Asia Concert Grounds
Pasay City, Metro Manila

first set
  • magasin (with fireworks, mas gusto ko talaga yung alapaap. nothing beats it. i know the four would agree with me)
  • walang nagbago
  • maling akala
  • maskara
  • poorman's grave
  • waiting for the bus
  • huwag mo nang itanong (marcus version, the one that he sang during the livELY concert)
  • slo mo (raims on vox)
  • alkohol (raims on vox, may take 2 pa kasi hindi raw sumasayaw yung mga tao)
  • insomya (raims pa rin)
  • torpedo

people were shouting group hug but ely replied, "kayo muna."
he was smiling and was interacting with the band members and the audience.
he even said, "ambait nyo." ely, you do not know how precious your words are.
he threw his jacket and guita picks
markus used a very cool hello kitty guitar. sabi ni kuya mahal daw yun. alam nya yung brand. me ganun pala yun?
raims was wild on percussion. at grabe love na love ko mga compositions nya. IBA!
buddy wore his smile, especially nung me sabit sa guitar si father markus.
jazz was wearing a shirt with a EXTRA LANG label (i can't remember if it's EXTRA or EXTRA LANG but you get the point)

second set
  • julie tearjerky (ely was inserting some lines from van halen's jump)
  • tikman ang langit
  • wishing wells (ely and raims on vox, first verse ke ely, yung pangalawa kay raims)
  • fine time
  • pare ko ("sabi nya, ayaw nya munang mag-asawa. dehins ako naninwala, yun pala ay magaling ka lang sa kama...">> mahusay! nakonakonako. :| tapos pala, he just mentioned tangina once, dun sa pinakahuli.)
  • kailan ("i love you too pare" >> sobrang benta)
  • back2me
  • trip to jerusalem
  • spoliarium
  • overdrive (with pyro)

buddy was wearing an FMCC shirt, the red I LOVE PINAS.
ely after julie tearjerky asked the crowd, "how do you find our new home?" nasa couch kasi sila since they're doing acoustic
people were shouting group hug again but ely replied the same thing. however, it seemed that the people at the VIP station did their grouphug. so ely replied, "eh ang konti nyo eh."
i swear he is really different from the ely you know
as there were fireworks, it could be thought that this was the end. so people chanted for more.

  • superproxy (tribute to francis, namiss ko yung rap part. kahit si ely ang kumanta nun, mas gusto ko pa rin yung kiko. =( i thought this was the last song)
  • minsan (i thought again that this was the last)
  • alapaap (only a bit of it made me think again that it was the last)
  • kaleidoscope world (reprise tribute to FM. tama, mabuhay ka kiko! i thought again that this was the last)
  • ang huling el bimbo (fireworks everywhere front and back plus confettis. naalala ko yung makalat na ending ng huling el bimbo. huli na talaga.)

kung may nakapansin, malakas ang ihip ng hangin. siguro kasi asa manila bay, pero i sensed kiko's presence. naks! sakto pa kasi pagkasabi kong mainit, biglang ihip. nung pagkasabi rin ni ely ng mabuhay si kiko, humangin din. haaay... sabi nya nung interview sa unang reunion concert, andon sya sa second. kung buhay pa si kiko, malamang wala sya sa second. kaya nung wala na sya sa kanyang katawan, nagawa nya pa ring makapunta. ^_^
while doing the lalalala part of el bimbo, ely was putting some fluid on his piano. he burned it using a piece of paper first that seemed not to cooperate. eventually, it did and it put the piano on fire. ely started to play with the piano but the fire went out and he began pouring on more fluid. the fire died again and he just kicked the whole thing making it crumble. somehow, my heart also crumbled. a very big fan of theirs knows how that piano played a very important role in the heads lives. now, it's gone forever.

after the song, ely gathered the band. nakaakbay sya kay buddy tapos tinatawag nya sina raims at markus. nung kumpleto na, bobow na sila dapat, tinawag pa ni ely si jazz. this is the closest thing to grouphug. i could even count this as one. priceless. sabi pa nya, "we are the eraserheads. thank you." that branding alone showed me his acceptance of the name. though, he burned the piano, the ties still remain. it could never be denied.

it is the final set...


while we were exiting ourselves from the place, a voice asked, "gusto nyo pa ba?" it is raims! this was not really planned but they just like jamming. nabitin siguro, nasa attitude ng totong musikero. it is not part of the set list but they sang 3 more songs. they called on markus and they spoke a bit (i think, about what songs should be sung) in front of the crowd. people went back to the center.

3 for the road
  • ligaya
  • sembreak (tapos na pero napakanta pa ulit si ely. sabi nya, "ahh tapos na ba?" naulit nya kasi yung walang kayakap kundi gitara part, kahit ako inulit ko yun eh XD)
  • toyang

ely went down the stage and started reaching out to the fans. he reached out the mic to them as to let the fans sing. HE IS NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON. people were taking pictures of him. ang swerte ng VIP.
raims also threw his drumsticks. ely again began throwing things. he gave the people his shoe and was thinking of including his socks but he changed his mind. Hahahaha.

Ely, I love you just like that. stay healthy for i'll be seeing more of you in Pupil. The same goes for the rest of the band. Father Markus, ang adik mo sa interview ng MTV! Sir Raims, haha nacontrol mo na yung sarili mo ah, di na mabilis yung tempo. Buddy, wala kang kupas. sa totoo lang, ikaw ang idol kong bahista, ikaw lang ang nakapagbibigay tono sa instrumentong yan. seryoso.

crowd. andami! ampanget sa pwesto ko, hindi rockers yung mga tao. feel na feel ko na tumalon at magheadbang, NR sila. ahaha. eh yung mga lyrics pag hindi kabisado mali-mali XD ahaha pang-fans kasi to sa tingin ko. kung di ka fan, palagay ko, di ka makakakanta. ahaha pero ayos lang kasi mas may tono sila kesa run sa mga kasama ko sa the fort. ehehe

100,000 daw talaga ang umattend sabi ng GMA. i am part of history. *bow*

*photo by Romina Ng
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March 02, 2013

Tayo'y Mga Pinoy Smart Bro Commercial

Disclaimer: This post was written using an advertiser's point-of-view

A month ago, Smart Bro launched its latest commercial featuring Heber Batolome's Tayo'y Mga Pinoy. Their version is collaboration of OPM rock icons, Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco, Raimund Marasigan, and Barbie Almalbis. Today, my sister was reached by the full version via the youtube ad (Kudos Touch DDB). I looked up for it and found that it was just posted 3 days ago. And I must say, the full version is no less awestrucking than the 30-seconder ad.

It was really a SMART choice for them to include the four in this ad.
  1. Ely, on top of his vocals and skills, is already a head turner. I wonder if he really did the mixing.
  2. Rico Blanco's second voice is very distinctive. It appeals like it is branded and it's good that the company was given the opportunity to showcase it in one of their ads.
  3. Raimund's rap just fits the feel of the music and the existing vocals. I couldn't imagine having another way.
  4. A mix of Barbie is really what they need. They were able to expand market to the females without forcing it.

Sharing the video below for everyone's entertainment.

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